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In the midst of the significant sea of change in the Seta environment, F.I.L.M. has received a MapppSeta Discretionary Grant Internship for 20 Interns and a MapppSeta Discretionary Grant Learnership for 15 learners, both of which are currently under way.

We are also on the brink of our full accreditation as Training Provider.

In the course of this process, together with Portal to Learning, F.I.L.M. has developed a fully Certified Learning Programme, the F.I.L.M. Entry Skills Programme which can ultimately lead to learners receiving an NQF Level 4, SAQA Approved Qualification: Qual_FET Film & TV Production Operations_FILM_61450.

Amongst other important steps we have taken, this ensures our compliance in terms of B-BBEE Scorecard Skills Development criteria.

F.I.L.M. has retained the services of B-BBEE Consultant Zirk Botha exclusively for the purposes of Skills Development facilitation on SPVs. After an initial trial period this is currently under review.

Over the last quarter, Moonlighting Films has successfully completed Death Race 3. Trainees under mentorship there were Yerushka Chetty, mentored by Line Producer, Alan Shearer, Lazola Sixishe working with Film Production Accountant Billi Bruins, Daryne Joshua mentored by Gabriel Williams, Brent Sauls working with Emmanuel Chonco and Ashley Olivier working in Unit/ Transport under mentor Brad Saunders.

Congratulations to Ashley who has subsequently entered the industry as a full-time crew member and budding Unit Captain.

Moonlighting is currently engaged in various productions including:
• Women in Love with trainee grip Frank Christians on his 4th production with mentor Brett McDowell; Raquel Sales working with mentor Alison Palmer; Bongani Maqula working with Storm Dyssel and Brian Glazer; Steven Sampson as lighting department trainee with Best boy Lesley Manuel as mentor and Karl Kindo working in the Art Department with Lisa van der Merwe as mentor;
• Hominid, with Delizwe Nxumalo being mentored by another F.I.L.M. veteran Claudia Odu Kye;
• Blue Crush with trainee film production accountant Lala Sixishe working with veteran mentor Billie Bruins; Props trainee Damian Fermour working with icon and mentor Andrew Orlando;
• Retribution with Mandisi Maqetuku as production assistant under mentor Dylan Voogt.
• Philane Ndaba and Richard Velembo continue to be mentored in Moonlighting Films parent company with Juanita Davids, Dylan Voogt and Theresa Ryan-Van Graan.

Film Afrika has successfully completed The Lost Future with Feziwe Gonstana and George Mostert in the production office working with mentor Simon Rhodes. Bradley Hendricks was also mentored by Simon and Thami Nkosi excelled as a trainee in the Make-Up department working with mentor Sue Mitchell.

Congratulations to Wardah Fredericks, who went onto the production as full-time crew.

• Sniper Reloaded was also completed successfully by Film Afrika with F.I.L.M. recruiting trainee Justin Montanus in Johannesburg, working with mentor Hugh Barrett.
• Film Afrika’s Outcasts is currently in production with trainee Gee Moloi working in continuity with Kim Robinson; Thobani Shiburu in Unit/ Transport with Drikus White having worked successfully on History of America with Film Afrika. On mentor Sue Mitchell’s request Thami Nkosi is again assisting with Make-up while trainee Samantha Slingers is working in the AD Department with mentor Christo van Schalkwyk.
• Monde Mkontwana, working with mentor Belinda Johnson is going from strength to strength as a budding Film Production IT installation and maintenance specialist & Kgotla Appolus working with mentor Vlokkie Gordon, is excelling as trainee line Producer with the Film Afrika parent company.

Teri Pogenpoel is in excellent hands as assistant production secretary being mentored by veteran film producer Marlow de Mardt in the DO parent company.

A really exciting departure for F.I.L.M. has been the opportunity to consult to Media Film Services regarding skills development facilitation. They currently have three F.I.L.M. trainees, Monde Dlutu, Germain Schroeder and Jonathan Nyongwana - with aspirations in the production, lighting and grips departments – learning the ropes up-close-and-personal in the extremely hectic Film Industry Equipment Rentals business. What better place to learn?

Homebrew Films’ seasoned mentor Jaco Laubscher has taken on two F.I.L.M. trainee writers Travis Taute and Daryne Joshua.

Regarding our next F.I.L.M. Master Class, American actor/ director Clark Johnson – out here to direct Dark Tide with Film Afrika - will be presenting his movie Boycott to our F.I.L.M. trainees shortly.

We have entered into an agreement with the CPA to place trainees on their commercial companies going forward which means lots more opportunities for our F.I.L.M. trainees to gain valuable experience.

Rumour has it from Cannes Film Festival is that South Africa is heating up again as an international location of choice.
Please keep us informed regarding developments or any learning or skills development opportunities on your side and don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Stay focused and warm regards

The F.I.L.M. Team


Cape Town has a turbulent history, taking centre stage in the historic transformation from apartheid pariah to top global city status and premier, international long-form film and commercials location.

Thanks largely to the selfless efforts of our awesome film industry mentors, Cape Town doesn’t just offer a matchless diversity of locations, cutting-edge, first-world facilities and kick-ass professional HODs and crews; it also offers international companies the unique opportunity - to share and participate in the ongoing transformation process - and in the sustainability and prosperity of the industry and the magnificent city that is hosting them, by partnering with our learners, mentors and the Film Industry Learner Mentorship program.

Birthed in this celebrated city, the Film Industry Learner Mentorship program (F.I.L.M.) is a coordinated, not-for-profit, skills development industry platform aimed at helping to redress the past and foster a diverse, sustainable long-form film and commercials industry.

Originally established by Cape Town’s leading long-form film companies, the objective of F.I.L.M. is to provide hands-on, accelerated skills development opportunities through work-based mentorship on local and international long-form film and commercial productions. The skills focus is on management, from line producing to unit management, editing, accounting, assistant directing and related film industry occupations. The intention is to accelerate the careers of primarily but not exclusively previously disadvantaged people with film industry experience.

F.I.L.M. mentees are carefully selected from the growing F.I.L.M. database and in close consultation with the line producers placed and remunerated on-the-job, enabling them to concentrate on acquiring skills on local and international productions, alongside a dedicated mentor. This approach aims at ensuring effective and accelerated skills transfer to people who might otherwise not gain access to the industry.

While on the one hand, there are comparatively few formal qualifications required or formal barriers to entry in the film sector, notwithstanding the uneven historic playing field, career paths in the industry are bound by the need for a track-record and CV, very tight timelines, hierarchies, long hours, an extremely strong work ethic and a strong emphasis on delivery, regardless. Negotiating this demanding terrain successfully and gaining the respect and support of the industry, has proved an exciting challenge for F.I.L.M.

One of the pillars of this enterprise is without doubt the mentors who selflessly give of their hard-won, experience, time and expertise and under these often tight timelines, long hours and relentless pressure, provide this invaluable service to the industry.
Ask F.I.L.M. Trainee Line Producer, Wardah Fredericks who worked with Film Afrika on History of America:

"F.I.L.M. has encouraged me to be efficient; inspired me to work hard and pursue my dreams in the film and commercials industry as a functional, young adult."

Honest Ngondo, mentored by Clint Eastwood’s American Production Coordinator Holy Hagy on Invictus, the Moonlighting Films Servicing production reckons:

"It’s an amazing program that brings out the best in you;
Where the words "I can’t do it" have no meaning!"

Our capacity to grow and transform the industry is directly linked to our ability over the longer-term, to up-skill, empower and mentor new film managers and HODs to work for and share in the fruits of an emerging nation.



At the end of September 2009, F.I.L.M. - in partnership with accredited training provider, Portal to Learning - introduced the F.I.L.M. Entry Skills Program.

The Film Industry Learner Mentorship is insisting that all our learners do the FILM ENTRY SKILLS PROGRAMME course as an entry level qualification to be officially registered as a F.I.L.M. learner. The F.I.L.M. Entry Skills training program provides our learners with the necessary competence to enter into our F.I.L.M. skills development program. Once assessed as competent, it will not only provide them with film industry unit standard credits, but it will contribute significantly to their understanding of the context of film and film productions and to functioning more effectively and efficiently within the context of the film industry. It is a really interesting, holistic, integrated course providing insights in terms of how to fit in at a whole range of different levels in the film industry.

Last year we had a really successful two day training workshop with over 40 F.I.L.M. learners who each submit a Workbook and Portfolio of Evidence assessed against 13 film industry unit standards. Learners are awarded a certificate and 63 credits on successful assessment as competent. The response to the program from the learners was really awesome.

The competence and confidence attained by the workshop will enable them to accelerate their scarce skills acquisition and hands-on experience on film productions.

F.I.L.M. - The film industry learner mentorship program