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Film Mentorship & Training T/A the Film Industry Learner Mentorship programme (F.I.L.M.) is a non-profit Section 18(a) Public Benefit Organization (PBO) started by Film Afrika in 2006. Working in partnership with leading Cape film production and servicing companies such as Film Afrika, Moonlighting Films, Do Productions, Two Oceans Productions, Spier Films, Homebrew Films, Penguin & Paw Paw Films & many others, our aim is to offer a coordinated industry platform providing unit-standard aligned certified learning programmes and hands-on experiential learning under mentorship, training and skills development in the South African film, television, commercials & digital industries.

We’re serious about assisting in our own small way in the transformation of the South African film industry and addressing the real shortage of occupational, life and management skills and cultural diversity in South Africa. We are committed to transformation and further assisting in our own small way to level a very uneven, historic playing field by providing experiential learning opportunities, employment & career channelling, assisting with the development of entrepreneurs and enterprises and helping to meet & exceed B-BBEE targets and those set by different economic development initiatives like Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa (AsgiSA), The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and Micro Economic Strategy for the Western Cape (MEDS).


F.I.L.M.’s modus operandi is to provide people with access to employment and career-channelling opportunities through bona fide, work-based experiential learning opportunities on local and international film, electronic digital productions under mentorship, with the main focus on the main film & television occupational and life skills.

The aim is to provide and create opportunities for primarily but not exclusively, previously disadvantaged people either with qualifications as interns or at least some experience in and passion and commitment for the film, electronic and digital media industries, who are struggling to access the industry through conventional channels.

Experience has shown that transformation in the industry is most effective and sustainable through hands-on, experiential skills development and mentorship – combined where appropriate, with unit-standard aligned training - on actual local and international film, television & digital productions.

Our ultimate goal is a diverse, sustainable, globally competitive South African film, electronic & digital media industry.


On the F.I.L.M. programme, mentored interns and trainees receive a stipend and/or are remunerated while on production or working for production companies.

This helps them to concentrate on gaining those vital life and occupational skills on local and international productions with the support of – and under the supervision of – an experienced mentor. This way we ensure focused, effective skills transfer.


Without experience and a CV – regardless of whether you have a qualification or not - you cannot necessarily get employment on a film set working through a crewing agent. Because you cannot get employment on a film-set, you cannot gain experience or a CV.

There are comparatively few formal qualifications required or formal barriers to entry in the film sector. We have discovered that it is still very difficult for to gain access to employment on film sets, even if trainees and interns have tertiary education qualifications in the film & electronic media.

F.I.L.M. can assist in up-skilling trainees & interns through placement on local and international productions and in production companies, but cannot guarantee they have what it takes to get sustained employment in a very tough industry – or even if they have what it takes to be appropriately and fairly advanced in the industry.


Not everyone is cut out for the industry and attrition is unavoidable. What is extremely important is that our recruitment and selection of people coming onto the programme is extremely rigorous.


The F.I.L.M. programme offers a vital bridge and window of opportunity for frustrated, unemployed people to gain access to local and international film productions & production companies and to gain hands-on experience and a CV.

Sourcing and recruiting the right people with appropriate qualifications is an ongoing challenge as the film industry requires incredible skill, commitment, toughness and dedication.

Very tight timelines, deadlines and budgets, a great deal of stress, hierarchies, long hours, an extremely strong work ethic and a strong emphasis on delivery regardless, provide significant challenges.

If our trainees and interns are up to it, they will most certainly grow, advance and prosper.


Some people reckon that FILM is a unique because there is nothing else quite like us around. It’s true that we’re a ground-breaking initiative that’s helping to start transform the industry.

We hope we’re also producing a blueprint for other initiatives, and that mentored, hands-on skills transfer may become a widespread practice throughout the film industry.

For further information, contact Edmunica (Eddie) Davids 021 461 7950 or e-mail

F.I.L.M. - The film industry learner mentorship program